Microgreens – Market Rate

At Food Peddler Co-op in Vancouver, Canada, the market rate for kohlrabi microgreens ($20/140g*28g/oz *16oz/lb*1 US$/1.32 Canadian$) is US $48 per pound. http://foodpedalers.ca/wordpresssite/?page_id=85 At Gourmet Greens, LLC in Richmond, VA, the specialty microgreens (sweet golden corn, hot radical radish, and micro spicy mix) 2016 price was $48 per pound. The 2018 price is $80 per pound for swiss chard, beets, and basil. http://gourmetgreensrva.com/greens/ The market rate has nearly doubled in two years.

2016 Microgreens Market Rate

2018 Microgreens Market Rate