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The Vero SE 29 Generation 7 COB LED array currently in production generates 100 W of true LED power that produces a photosynthetic photon flux density of 4600 umol/m^2/s from a single chip in our system, and is rated by the manufacturer to generate 201 W LED by changing the drive current from 2.1 A to 3.6 A. It connects to our system with inexpensive 2-conductor 20 AWG wires that push into place without any soldering.

Cree 3070N CoB LED array in earlier prototype increased power output

The forward voltage @ 1900 mA Tc=85 deg C is 36.2V. 36.2V*1.9A=68.8W. The forward voltage @ 1900 mA Tc=25 deg C is 42V. 42V*2.8A=117.6W. The percent change is 71% allowing the system to operate with 71% fewer LED lights.


Bridgelux CoB LED array currently in production increased power output

At 3.6 A, the forward voltage is 55.8 V resulting in 201.0 W LED output from a single chip.

The percent change is 192% allowing the system to operate with 192% fewer LED lights.




part number on chip – 35E10K0B7


80 CRI

full part number – BXRC-35E10K0-B-7x-SE

Performance at Commonly Used Drive Currents:

900 mA 49.6 V 44.7 W
1200 mA 50.5 V 60.6 W
1800 mA 52.0 V 93.6 W
2700 mA 54.1 V 146.1 W
3600 mA 55.8 V 201.0 W

10 year warranty