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Weather Damage

One of the primary reasons we advocate controlled environment agriculture is to eliminate damage of crops grown outdoors and in high tunnels that are not protected from weather damage. One farmer using a high tunnel to grow microgreens had the entire crop delivered by air mail free of charge to the next county when Hurricane Matthew visited, and had damage to the high tunnel frame in addition to the ripped plastic.

Microgreens in High Tunnel

Hurricane Matthew – Damage to High Tunnel Frame and Plastic

Chieri Kubota – Video on Optimizing Plant Performance

Chieri Kubota’s video published on the SciTechReports YouTube channel on June 11, 2012 titled “Optimizing Plant Performance – Plants Spliced, LED Lights Glow, & Strawberries Bloom” https://youtu.be/Rhbo_zna9HQ addresses the need for plants to have specific colors of LED lights including far red (2:20), red (2:45), and blue (3:17) to engineer plants with superior traits. She also mentions enhancing the flavor of strawberries in a controlled environment (4:38), lack of strawberries grown in green houses in the United States as opposed to Japan (5:02), chemical fumigants to control pest and disease in crops not grown in a controlled environment (5:12), and that a strawberry crop is a good candidate for local production with better worker efficiency and production (5:44).