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Supporting Letter – Michael Ogawa BGSU

December 3, 2017

To whom it may concern:

RE: NSF grant application entitled “Next Generation Agriculture: Mobile, Energy Efficient, High
Yield, and Cultivar Specific”

Bowling Green State University is delighted to be participating in this proposal as a subawardee through the research efforts of Professors Malcolm Forbes and Pavel Anzenbacher,
who will provide a strong R&D foundation for Net Zero Agriculture’s startup venture.

We can provide laboratory space in Overman Hall (in either Professor’s space) for initial
experiments, and if the proposal is successful we can consider further incubation space and/or
an outdoor experimental station for further expansion as this company gets off the ground.

We look forward to watching an exciting set of ideas develop to improve and expand the
capabilities of modern agricultural methods.


Michael Y. Ogawa
Vice President for Research & Economic Engagement
Bowling Green State University

pdf format SBIR Mike Ogawa letter

Supporting Letter – Richard Kouri NCSU

Jim Ray
President/CTO/ Founder
Net Zero Agriculture, Inc.

Dear Jim,

This is a letter of recommendation for your NSF grant application. This proposed approach seems both innovative and commercially viable. The use of ‘tunable’ LED lights that can match the requirements of specific cultivars is an excellent idea. The availability of these NSF funds will allow Net Zero Agriculture to understand and make use of the relationship between specific wavelengths and specific output traits. This optimization will set the stage for formatting novel urban farming systems most appropriate for a variety of commercial applications; e.g. grocery stores, restaurants, and even in-home settings. This proposed approach should prove to be an effective way to deliver key foodstuffs directly to the consumers.



Richard E. Kouri, PhD
Chief Evangelist, Center for Innovation Management Studies
Senior Fellow, Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC), College of Engineering
Adjunct Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Plant and Molecular Biology), and College of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)
North Carolina State University

pdf format SBIR Dick Kouri letter r1

Supporting Letter – Chieri Kubota

December 2, 2017
Dear Dr. Ruth Shuman,
I am writing this letter to support the submission of a NSF proposal ‘Next Generation Agriculture: Mobile, Energy Efficient, and Cultivar Specific’ by Jim Ray in collaboration with Dr. Malcolm Forbes. I generally support innovative technologies to improve energy‐photon conversion efficiency in horticultural lighting, as a horticulture researcher whose expertise is controlled environment agriculture. Cooling technology improvement is obviously a critical area to invest for developing highly efficient LED lighting for horticultural applications and thereby lowering the electricity costs for lighting and cooling in a crop production system.
Please let me know if you need further information.
Chieri Kubota, Professor, Ohio State University, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
Supporting Letter – Chieri Kubota – pdf format Letter for Jim Ray – Chieri Kubota